If you want to reference The Economics of Discontent or link to a specific section, figure or paragraph on this website, it's easy.

For scientific papers, you can download PDF version which reflects the content of the paperback version (978-981-14-1730-6), search for the text you want to reference and use the book in your bibliography as you would for any other book, with the exception that you do not need physical access to the print copy.

Online version

Referencing online version is straightforward as well.

Chapters, section and paragraphs

Let's say you want to reference the chapter (page) about real estate. You can simply copy the URL which is https://economicdiscontent.com/real-estate. Now, let's say you want to point out the causation between artificially restricted supply of real estate and the rising prices, which is discussed in one of the sections in this chapter. You can simply click on the section title in the table of contents you can find in the right column in all chapters (on desktop) and then copy URL which is https://economicdiscontent.com/real-estate/#artificially-restricted-supply.

Now, let's say you want to reference a specific paragraph, which discusses a trend among landowners in London to add more levels to their property. You can do so by adding #, letter p and paragraph number to the URL: https://economicdiscontent.com/real-estate/#p15 or https://economicdiscontent.com/real-estate#p15.

How do you know the proper paragraph number? You can count paragraphs from the top of the page (skipping quotations and figures) and then adjusting the number a little if you missed the intended paragraph.

The other method is to click on the paragraph you want to reference with the right mouse button, select "Inspect" (also accessible through CTRL+SHIFT+i shortcut) and in the page code which will be shown, above the highlighted paragraph, you will see something like <a class="pid" id="p15">, which means that the paragraph number is 15.


Let's say you want link to a figure in a real estate chapter showing a relation between real estate prices in specific regions of the UK and voter's attitude in Brexit referendum. When you hover over a figure image, you will see figure title and number: in this case 2.15 (you can see the same information by using "Inspect" method described above). To link to any figure, you need to add the following to the URL: #, figref and the figure number, so this specific figure would be https://economicdiscontent.com/real-estate#figref2.15 or https://economicdiscontent.com/real-estate/#figref2.15. If you would like instead link to the source of the figure, which is always listed under the image, you can do so: in this case, it's http://geographical.co.uk/places/mapping/item/1805-cartogram-special-brexit.

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